Monday, November 28, 2011


Why is it that spelling check help only happens in the body & not in the title?

Oh well.

I was looking at my photos yesterday and decided it was time to have some fun with silhouettes. You know there was a M. Silhouette? He was a French profile portraitist, I think.

These are from a shop in Albequerque.

Of course I love the multiples part of these photos too.

Pensive Erica.

Timmo at the door.

That's it for then.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cloth Love

Now that I can think of something aside from hurting I can start to move on.

I realized this morning that I haven't done any sewing for 3.5 weeks. Or touched cloth either, except to help Leslie put her Arcs of Love & Thanks quilt up over her bed.

I stumbled upon my photos from the Nancy Crow workshop from April 2010.

This is Nancy. She often wears a kerchief & an apron.

One of our first tasks is to sort the cloth that we have brought to the class. This is a lot of fun and much harder than it looks.


This doesn't look right....
because it doesn't go from dark to light.
Still, yummy colors!

These look a bit paler, softer.



The cloth gets regrouped over & over for different assignments. Ambient shots.

Looking at these my mind gets itchy!!

So a couple of projects from the workshop.

This was a sketch that I developed. No sewing yet. Oh, MY!! so hard to do this with seams.

This was an early assignment-- two color & a few rules to lean on....

Here we had to do LOTS of prep to get this far. I love working with wavy cutting lines.
I managed to wreck this one as I was trying to make it better. That happens sometimes. I still have the pieces, you just never know!

That's it for today.

Monday, November 21, 2011

spoke too soon

getting better is very gradually happening. being better is illusive. it comes & goes.

i decided not to go to boulder for thanksgiving. george is going though. that's good. I get to regroup before maui.


While I was looking for cocooning photos last time I came across some terrific reflection photos. So today, for diversion, I thought I'd post some of them.

These were all taken at the Olympia waterfront on a walk with the Trivenways.

I love these for their abstract qualities. That's it for today.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

two week seige

I think the cocoon of self protection, self isolation, & self preoccupation is cracking open. It's been a roller-coaster, now better/now worse. And now feeling better.

The medical system didn't serve me particularly well. No consistent doctor seeing me through the trouble, no neurologist in sight. I had many minor frustrations which are too boring to bother you wit.

I became quite fascinated with my own cocooning: what I did & didn't do; what I couldn't & wouldn't do.  Mostly I read, did Sudokus, listened to the radio, watched videos, napped, & took baths. The hot pad was my friend. Mostly I didn't cook, do dishes, or laundry, empty trash or tidy up after myself. There is a zone, clearly marked in the living room where you can see I hung out.

And there were lots of things I could have done but didn't: didn't wanna, wasn't gonna.

George was a brick & took up the slack, & felt unnerved a few times.

 One of my brainstorms was to map out the numb zone on my arm. With it Erica & I found the exact nerve involved by looking in her anatomy book.

I have been trying to come up with an image that sums up my cocooning & shutting out the world.  I couldn't find any! I reviewed many. Not even pictured of sleeping babies did I have, that pretty well summarize self-centeredness and being taken care of.
That's it for today.

two-week haze

I am so hoping that what has felt like a two-week-seige is lifting.

What fascinates me about illness is that I close in on myself & feel survival mode envelop me. 

What I don't feel like doing I don't do, & I stop doing things that I perfectly well could but just won't-- don't wanna.

I slept & read, did Sudoku's, listened to the radio, watched videos, & squeezed in a few outings.

The heating pad was my friend & comfort.

And my god, George had to pick up slack! Me empty trash, run the washing machines, cook? All that could wait. I didn't mind if anything piled up. I didn't mind even not eating much, wasn't hungry anyway. He was good-natured and at times worried about the roller coaster of now better/now worse. 

I found our medical system wanting: I couldn't get time with my family doctor who is fully booked through January. Ridiculous. And neurological consult was clearly not going to materialize.

Here are photos I took of my forearm numb area. This exactly pin-pointed the involved nerve. Erica & I found it in her anatomy book. Pretty damn cool. I thought I was pretty clever to think of this.

I am trying to think of a photo that sums up my self-enveloping, self-pre-occupation, self-protection. Here's what I came up with.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Early November doings and undoings

Left knee surgery, neurological complication in my left arm & shoulder [it is getting better], acceptance of Much Depends on This Quilt series with the New England Quilt Museum, listening to & reading the Massey Lectures, by Adam Gopnik on Winter, 5 Windows on a Season, seeing three Ken Burns films (one on the Statue of Liberty, one on the development of the radio, & one on Congress, the building & the institution), trees outside our apartment & all over the city turning lush colors and then....

Yesterday a big rain & windstorm....there must be trees down in the city this morning. We were out driving through a cottonwood leaf blizzard. It was a spectacular show. Even in New England I had never seen the likes.      Thousands of airborne leaves.

      When we got home I rushed outside to get a last shot of the tulip tree    outside our windows. I love the lantern-effects of sun on trees.

Signing off with classic self-portrait shadow. How many times I have felt drawn to do this shot!
That's it for today.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finish! Next post explains more.

I thought I'd finish showing my quilts made in the Much Depends

Much Depends on Cotton. The dowels are finished with real cotton bolls. The quilt surface is cotton batting.

This is my artist's statement quilt,spoken from the heart. Maybe sometime I'll write that out for the blog. There are two borders on this piece. The inner border of words lists all the things in my house that support my quilt making, from the coffee pot to CBC radio!
On the outer border is a list of all the things outside the house that support my work from cloth merchants to sewing machine repair people to investors.
I loved making those lists.

This was the only machine-quilted piece in the series. Sewing machine bobbins are on the ends of the dowel. This piece is intentionally 'hardware grey', as are the pins & needles, scissors & thimble quilts.

This is the quilt about Weaving. On it are many different grades of cloth: loosely woven, finely woven, transparent etc. The dowel is tricked out with two bobbins used in the flying shuttles in the old weaving machines.

I am wishing that I could give you better close-ups in this blogger system, but I haven't learned to do that yet.

That's it for this post. The next post will explain what all the fuss is about.

a bit of a haul

For the past 5 days I have been struggling with (at first) stabbing pain in my should blade and then numbness on the underside of my forearm & weakness in my left hand.

With my bro-in-law's help help I think I have a diagnosis: brachial neuritus. He's a muscle neurologist & he 'examined' me over the phone.

I've been referred to a neurologist here, but that won't happen any time soon. It should go away on it's own. The pain level has already diminished, th.g.

Meanwhile I've been doing a long of napping, writing, & listening to the radio.


During this patch of pain I got some really wonderful NEWS:


So I'll show you a few of the other quilts in that series. I hope I'm not duplicating what I posted before.

This is Much Depends on Pins & Needles. It had real pin & needle cards sewn onto the quilt, & those crazy strawberry needle sharpeners at each end of the top dowel. They don't show up here.

 Much Depends on Dyeing & Printing  This one has a mix of commercial & my own textiles with each swatch annotated below. At either end of the top dowel are measuring spoons.

Much Depends on Thread. The quilting threads are left loose on this one. Spool papers & promotional cards make up the imagery. For the dowel ends there are wooden thread spools.

I will be mailing the rest of the series to them next week. They have already 4 of the 10 quilts.

That's it for today.

Monday, November 7, 2011

a bit of a struggle

My knee surgery is gradually un-swelling.
I have increasing mobility.
But  a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade is giving me pain
& sleep loss
& a partly numb arm.

It's definitely cutting into my sense of well-being.

Another of life's little surprises.
It's impressive to me just how distracting it is.

That's it for today.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

post knee-arthroscope

Well, I learned today that arthro means joint. So arthritis means joint-itus, I arthro-scope means looking into the joint.

I wish I had captured a picture of me with my fetching surgery cap on. I'm sure I looked quite beguiling. I thought of it, but it was too silly for the moment.

Yesterday hardly any pain; today more & I am also more slowed down with Tylenol 3s.

Today is an all-day-pajama day. We has a big shower with hail followed by brilliant sun. Trees outside look like lanterns. Fall is really quite a great season.

That's it for today

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a pause

I guess a pause is different from a lull.
I am pausing & shifting gears.

The writing workshop was a lot of fun & I started writing about some patches of my life never touched on before.
I intend to go back there & add more as time moves on.

Today I want to get my proposal for the Number Project assembled for the Richmond Art Gallery.

And I want to start the dedication "page" for the Number Project.

Tomorrow I have a knee scope for my troublesome left knee. I hope the debris clearance from that joint helps.

These pictures are from the visit with Jos, Lucy & Timmo a few weekends back.
These were of my special time with Timmo. He is showing me a game he likes to play on the computer.

I figure out that he is intentionally not adhering to the purpose of one of the games. The frog is supposed to land on the lily pads to cross the pond. Timmo likes to make that frog plop into the water! I am beginning to get wise to this. So boy, I think to myself, playing the intended challenge both ways.

That's it for today.