Monday, May 7, 2012

Mission Church, part 2

I did poke around in google this morning.

Both the architect and the stain glass artists are European, but live in B.C. There is 7000 square feet of stain glass. The glass patches are made by a cast method & then set in fiber-reinforced concrete. I think the big windows are 24 feet high & 4 feet wide.

The footprint of the building is a coptic cross, so other overall feel of the building is round. Four great pillars support the roof/dome weight, but I hardly even saw them!

The exterior of the building gives no hint of the inner color glory!

The colors for the four corners of the building are earth/brown, air/purple-grey, fire/red & water/blue -- wonderfully pagan idea for a religion that thinks of itself as decidedly not pagan!

The church was built in 1984, though the seminary goes back to the 1910's, I think.

The monks who live there have a herd of cows, flock of chickens & beef cattle & pigs. So all meat & dairy eaten there are raised by the monks. They do all the work also on the maintenance of the 73 acres of land & the buildings. All that's very Benedictine.

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