Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color craving

I don't know what happened to me when I was in Vermont, but ever since then I have been craving a certain combination of colors.

Over the past 3 weeks I have done 4 quilt tops, one of which is now on the frame for hand quilting, and one of which is in embryo.

So here are the quick sketches of the 4 pieces, in various stages of development.

This was the first. It's now being quilted up. It is also a replay of the play with curvy distortions of rectangles. I did a grey I red quilt just a short while back. I wanted to revisit those lush shapes.

While I was doing that work some fabric from a [!!] 1958 dress that I adored & had saved came to the fore. So the next piece totally favored that cloth. I wore the dress to my brother's wedding.

It now has a band of white across the base of it.

Then this one was made from the scraps of the first two. I think of this as the windows on the snow storm. I have done many confetti quilts like this in my life. 

And finally, in the course of all of that, I discovered in my stash a small piece of hand-dyed, paste-resisted cloth done from about 15 years ago that totally 'went' with some wonderful commercial cloth I had with graduated dye.  I am completely fascinated with the X-ray feel of this one. 

This is the one in embryo.

Maybe I have worked this particular color-craving out of my system. I think it might have something to do with winter & my response to it-- VT and winter in YVR, but really I am not sure.

I went through an intense green period recently & suddenly it was over. I'm very curious about these color cravings. 

That's it for now.


  1. IT seems that there is always a typo.

    MAYBE two.

    try 'red & grey" for "red I grey"

    When this happens I feel embarrassment.
    Well, of course!

  2. I go through color cravings too, and often mine last for at least a few years. An artist friend claimed that they originate from marketing, and I admit that I've noticed that can be a catalyst...there were several makes of electric medium blue cars a few years back, and that was my favorite then. But why bright yellow now (like it was the time you helped me paint my bedroom, maybe 15 years ago). Does that represent a state of mind? Something about me that's being expressed, or a deficiency that wants to be filled? or both?