Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Class with Nancy Crow part 2

This was my workspace.

A large table with the sewing machine at one end facing the work wall 
and a long cutting board.

 We made a sketch in black&white and once we had an arrangement we liked we were to sew the sketch into a surface cloth.

I experimented and then settled down to serious piecing.

 Try though I might, it was way more complex than I wanted, but I carried on.

I abstracted the image above, with new rules about adding gray to the mix.

[Mistaken post video below. Couldn't delete!]

Then into color with new rules. I opted to dispense with many of the horizontal lines & focus on shapes.
Off I go. It feels like a plunge!
Inwardly I am resisting going so big.

Now starts the piecing!! I know the curves will complicate things.

The sewing job is really hard here, but I have learned a lot about working this way with this process. I am constantly having to evaluate & maybe revise my color choices. This is as far as I got before I rolled it all up with the batting to continue working in Vancouver where I left off. I have plans for revisions. It'll be a long process to complete it.

I am just amazed at my dreams in the 5 following nights. ALL about this work!! And several nights after that as well. It's as thought I my subconscious were on a new groove entirely. Last night my dream was about two very sophisticated outfits for me with smashing colors in greys, blacks & reds, & another in white, black & turquoise.

That's it for now.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Improv with Nancy Crow

I just finished a 5 day course with Nancy.
It was intense.
We work hard and as quickly as possible & have to shut out
[alas!!] the beautiful beckonings of her hundred acre farm.

Fortunately we were super-well cooked-for.
Our group was replete with interesting women from all over. 
It was a rich week.

We started by making configurations with the black lines.

That was mine in process. Then..

We did the same for two contrasting colors. 
This was the first composition. 
The beginning of the second composition is below.
It was supposed to be busy.

 All over the room you would here Nancy saying, "Not Busy Enough", so I made special letters sitting in judgement of my work: NBE.

STILL not busy enough!!  I had to start over with a smaller amount of fabric. I resisted really doing this exercise because the feel of my work was lumpy with seams & seams on seams.

That's it for now. The Big Project next entry.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

From OHIO: Color Studies for Surface Design

Monday to Friday this week I was having lessons & sessions with Leslie Morgan who has a textile barn in or near Crawley, in west Sussex. That would be in England.

It was an intense week of work: I called it measuring, timing & stirring.

I chose to dye in two matrices of gradations. They looked on my sample cloth like this...

My head hurt at first getting into 'mind' of this. Even my math mind didn't always help me always.

The 'product' looked like this....

Heaven! Free lilac smells and oriole, cardinal & mourning doves came free with the day.

At the end of all the dye runs my accumulated fabric wealth looked astonishing.

It was heavier in reds than I anticipated, but the subtlety of the in-between colors of my matrix ware really interesting.

This is Leslie, our teacher. She did all the charts in the background. She's a wow!

Meanwhile, being on a farm, there were lots of wonderful things to see. I did a few walk-arounds.


You can see the marks on these stones that might have come from a bridge or a canal. I love the change in gradations of chisel marks.

Then two other projects I loved. Years ago I prepared some stitch resist linen cloth in an African style. It was years ago. It was supposed to me indigo-dyed. No indigo opportunity readily presented itself to me. So the piece went into chocolate dye.
I could kick myself that I didn't do a before picture.
Here's the first after.

I love the hairy bits created by sewing the piece before dyeing with dental floss. The floss resists the dye!

Next, well, you can see where my mind went. 
Truly this is So Daphne!

I can't show you the washed out version. I did another 3 tries in other colors of these & I can't wait to do a composition with them.

What a sculpture!!

That's it for now. I'm in Ann Arbor with Mary Beecher Price, a classmate from grade 5-9.