Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Neighborhood

I've taken to carrying my small camera when I can. The iPhone's ok, but not nearly so flexible, so if I'm not feeling already-too-encumbered I put it in my purse.

Last weekend through a curious chain of coincidences I got to meet a world famous photographer, Fred Herzog.

Fred is a big story-teller, & George a very willing listener.

His opening is next weekend at the Equinox Gallery, so he is signing the to-be-framed photos.

I was quite taken with his photos. I have an affinity for doing that kind of photography myself.
So here is a small crop of my photos in response to seeing his work.
Some were taken recently & some taken ages ago.
Most are from my neighborhood.
                                        Isn't it a 5 or IS it?

The space inside is being renovated.
A surprising sitting room: strangely inmate & intentional.

 I can't get these images to work side-by-side. 
Ah, the limitations of Blogger!! Grrrrrr.

Granville Island outing...

...last foggy week...
...and below views from the Granville Street Bridge....

Old gas station

The men are working on the up-grade of the bridge.

....& back to the bridge...

That's it for now.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SO Maui

So George & I went to Maui for 2 weeks.
While I was there I straightened out a humungous mess in my iPhoto file. Somehow everything had gotten collapsed into a single pile. Do I did disentanglement.
Oh my, SO much better.
Now I just have to keep up with my own system!

So one of my files is called So Maui. These are the things I see that are not 'touristic', not 'brochurable', & are somewhat quirky or super-ordinary.

I love this file.
It has to do partly with the detritus of our industrialized world. It has partly to do with decay & the fact that shit happens.

So here's some of the best of it... &, sorry, a lot of it!
In no particular order. The sugar mill photos are together.
 Window in Haiku, now taken over by a functional business.
 Old bottles on a wall. Rainwater incidental.
 Men hanging out at the 'swap' meet where money is swapped for goods!
 Overloading of truck after palm pruning. Fronds are heavy.
 On the north end of the island, in isolated place.
 Sugar cane field burn.

This is really universal, not so particularly "Maui-ish".
 There are bazillion houses like this.

 Decaying vegetation is everywhere.
 Many many fruit flies & fruit..... all those dots....
 Lots of great clotheslines.
 A bicycle-seat collection.
 Quirky sign on truck.
 Typical puddle with reddish dirt look.

 Fallen yield sign.

 Closed banana-bread concession north end of the island.

Railing of amazing stripes...
then random jar with lilikoi juice in it on the railing post.

Paint cracks on roadway.
 Signs quite near the Maui prison....poignant...

Sugar mill building.

Abandoned machinery at the sugar mill.

Outhouse, long abandoned, near sugar mill.
The mill.
Old machinery from the C&S sugar mill.

 Poinsettia bushes! 

 Stacked collection on a hill.

One of hundreds of water tanks. They all seem to have this 'look'.

 My favorite cow, bar none. #14 & black tongue. Who knew?
 Grave for a monkey, in the graveyard where Lindberg is buried.
 It wasn't working... on the road to Hana...
This small village has two churches & poi fields.

 In the middle of a sugar cane field near Jaws, the special-weather surfing-Mecca.

Many years ago off of Lahina a boat went down and a large shipment of marbles was lost. The ones above were at the swap meet. These below have been 'sanded' by the sea & were in that shipment.

At our favorite Garden Cafe in the business section of Kahalui. 

More typical puddle with matching just-bought cloth.
The road workers after 36" of rain (on Kaui).

Where all the red dirt went-- into the ocean.

Wonderful color combinations.....
Super many-times-eroded ironwood tree.
Found shirt on roadway. 

That's it for now.