Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day of the Baseball Game

Sunday a group of seven went to see "the Nats" play "the Braves".
I hadn't been to a baseball game since August 2001.

Baseball's not my favorite sport. Too much waiting for a few moments of really beautifully played baseball-- double plays, great doubles, surprise bunts, stolen bases, people getting tossed out for sassing the ump, you know interesting stuff. The rest? Padding & spectacle. I was really hit but how much more show-buzz the event has become. Lots of hype for ersatz value. I won't bore you with details or examples.

Empty stands, full stands-- lots of Nationals' red.

The audience.... a sample....
Our party... George, Ian, Karla & Doug Smith, Alan & Jack Thompson

We all were given free hats.

On the walk from our parking was a marvelous building. Irresistible.
There were others too, I think, or I got other views, [I was disoriented] but when I got home I edited...

The terrible beauty of destruction & deconstruction.

That's it for now.

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