Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Comparisons-- 4 places-- Asian trip

The places were Singapore, Jogjakarta on Java, Ubud on Bali, & Kyoto in Japan.

It was a sandwich: the 'first world' cities were the 'bread' & the filling were '2nd world'.
One of the most astonishing things about Singapore was its newness and its daring architecture....

The dress was mostly western & we saw quite a bit of art there.
Constructions were everywhere!

We went to a memorial site for WWII. The names on the wall-- Chinese, Sikh & Hindu Indians, English, & Malaysian.

There was only a bit of colonial architecture left.



Architecture of Singapore in contrast to that in the part of Java I saw. The most wonderful architecture there were the two restored 11th century temples. Jokja was full of motorbikes & and many many small businesses.
We were in Jokja for only 5 days, but above & below photos sum up my impressions.

On to Bali.... where everyone lives in a family compound with a shrine, the first photo below. Once you discount the tourists, the clothing is amazing, though the sarongs below were at a funeral, so a bit fancier than normal. Not everyone wears sarongs, but many do. 

Men at funeral.

Temples are all over: village ones, many city ones, & important pilgrimage sites as well. The orange color distinctive.

Garuda, my favorite god, along with Ganesh.
All construction involved concrete with bamboo support.

This woman is gathering water for making sea salt. 
Bali was so full of contrast for me. Deep simplicity & struggle for survival against the prosperity of the tourism industry.
Finally Kyoto ...the old & new....



Bustle & more zip, fun style & variation than in Singapore.
We saw several pin-ball parlors... smokey!


We saw lots of great pottery, netsukes (no photos allowed) & some art.
I have to end somewhere, so that's it for now. 


  1. The street scenes on Java (especially all the people piled on to motorcycles) reminds me a lot of Malaysia. I can almost feel the heat and humidity!

  2. The architecture in Singapore is amazing! Are those air traffic control towers? Is that a canoe on top of a building??
    Java and Bali look so yummy. I want to be strolling there, and all the better if we could be there together for an afternoon to gawk together.