Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Asia Hong Kong & Singapore

I am in shock a bit.

14 hours on a plane to Hong Kong.
[Arriving with a very sore behind. Dang, those seats were uncomfortable.]
Fortunately we arrived at 8pm just in time to go to be & have a really good night's rest.
Result: no, no, NO jet lag.  WHEW!!

First impressions: no graffiti, no street trash, and a different & lively sense of style.

First crop of photos.... the incredible vast roof of the Hong Kong airport.

 Most of my HK experience was very close to the airport. (Lucy this airline is for you!)

Singapore was much of a pouring! George said it wasn't full on monsoon strength (but trending in that direction). My favorite image at the get-go was this man squeegie-ing the sidewalk off.... 

Then onto the rooftop for our supper. Great view and a lot of it of architecture by Moshe Safdie. 

A big complex-- Science & Art Museum a la lotus flower, convention center, & three pillars with a boat on top!
And George, very excited to be here after 1947!
But the really important date for him in Singapore was December 8, 1941 when the Japanese bombed Singapore & George & his family suddenly became refugees. He was 7 and a half.

Finally some other views from where we are.
Singapore is a thriving city-state, continually building.
The harbor is full of tankers, making Vancouver's harbor look empty!

Cityscapes galore!

That's it for now.