Sunday, July 9, 2017


I have had a little rash of posts.
That was fun for me & I hope for others.

Now I have some Left-Over Quilts that were 'left out'.
So I feel a need for them to be shown/shared.

This first one was done at Haystack School for Art & Craft on Deer Island in Maine. This is my quilt done about Dorothy's shoes on the Yellow Brick Road.  It amused me greatly that I didn't get the shoes 'right'.  I went to an unreliable source for shoe image information!!
The next one, simple, unusual, & 1-of-a-kind.
I sold it in a flash, with a mix of hand dyed & commercial cloth, beading added. I have no idea why I didn't go for another, another & another & another!! 
I called this one below The Double X Snow Blanket.
I made it in response to a painting my sister Lynne did.
Do I have an image of that painting?
It's somewhere, but where?
But is was a much loved by me.
Here's a detail first...

Now, doesn't that feel like winter snowfall?

And for jazzy opposites.
I loved this hairy image-- the zesty dancers-- & the daring of the whole thing!
I took oil paint sticks to the applique zigzag figures after the quilt-top was assembled.
Talk about the nerve!!
Believe me, it took daring!

This quilt ended up in Leslie Alexander's home.
There is a mirror on the right, hence the reflection.
This was done in a period where I was exploring long forms.
My Giacometti Period!
Art historians, take note!!
There were quite a few other quilts in that period.... 

So recently, I am happy to have anew this image!! 
Thank you Eileen Wilson!
I made this paper& leaves quilt for her & didn't photograph it when I made it!!

This quilt is in a utterly traditional diagonal format.
Alternating squares have leaves in them...
The others have leaf impressions & leaf dyes in them..
That's it for now.

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