Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Many Colors of Whiteness

A few days ago when again I was lying in a white-curtained cubical, this time in a clinic, I got to noticing all the textures, shades, & shapes in view -- all white-ish.

Then there's me, with plenty of white.

I've been here before for an earlier check-up, six weeks after the break.

Dr Sadr recently wrote out my options for addressing my knee problems right on the paper I was lying on.

The Xray of the break!

The repairs are dramatic with my new hardware.

Walking home near me is a gallery-in-waiting with great window entertainments. Fortunately I am wearing my white jacket.
And I have my new not white cane.
I think: once I start braking for white I just can't stop.

& actually I've been doing it for a long time.
That's it for now.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Chesterman Beach PATTERNS

 George, his brother Alan, & I have had several journeys to Chesterman Beach, south of Tofino B.C. We just had another & the drama of the sea, wind, sand & trees continues to be wonderfully good for our souls.

Here's the cast of characters:

The big picture:

We had sun, clouds, & rain-- all perfectly acceptable.

When I am out there I always get caught up by 'something' that I can't get enough of feasting my eyes on.

So here are the latest various eye-catchers:

Celery stalks: It really bugs me that the new blogspot OS won't let me place these two images side by side! Grrrrrr!!

Spruce wood posts:

I called these Kelp Corpses. Then Kelp Ropes.

Eel grass 'fencing': I just loved the delicacy & simplicity of the curves.

Foam: I got completely caught up in positive/negative shapes & I kept on being reminded of dissection class images in my college biology course.

And finally the surprises: I'm always drawn to this natural BOX in the ROX.... I've photographed it more than once.

& The Chair

We did have two others join us for a few nights & for some food & talk-- Sal & Jobst.

There were some other absent members of this trip: Karl & Sara Thompson who just couldn't deal with all the covid/border/teaching schedule obstacles coming from Boulder, CO. And Phyllis & Ed were originally going to be with us some of the time, except a hernia surgery got in the way.

That's it for now.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Making Awkward Things

 In 1985 when people in Vancouver were talking about the up-coming Expo 86 whose theme was going to be transportation & communication there was this truck that was catching everyone's eye.

We called it "The God Truck". The man who created it, I learned from my friend Philip Lander, was Ernie Ruff. He was from Telegraph Creek, or was it Whiskey Creek... No matter-- up in the Stickine... I wave my hand towards the north... at that point in my life in Vancouver I hadn't see much of BC. It was a total blur, & some of it still is!

Here is Ernie rounding his truck which was parked that day near City Hall. You can now understand why people called it the God Truck. 
 I thought it was a wonderful, stunning piece of folk art.

I decided I would do a copy of it in soft sculpture, so I started carrying my camera with me in the car so I could capture the proportions when I found it parked somewhere.
This was going to be my contribution to Expo with the clear combination of communication-on-wheels!

I decided to settle on proverbs as text. So I went to the library for proverbs, I asked friends for them, & I sought proverbs from around the world.

Using colored strips of cloth & a rubber stamp alphabet I had bought in an "Antiques" barn in rural Maine I set to work printing out the best of my quite large proverb collection.

Meanwhile I was doing much problem-solving for how I would make the cab of the truck, the A frame for the words, & the wheels that I decided would have to be able to roll! 

Gradually, gradually it evolved. Finally it got a name: Couver, the Proverbial Van which I thought so clever & wonderful how the name fell in place, just right for the job. I made a license plate BC 1986, from silk charmeuse! Brake lights too from red charmeuse.

It was first put on show at the Vancouver Community Arts Council Office on Davie Street. I had my first big quilt show there in 1985.
I invited Ernie Ruff to come see it. He came & left "A stitch in time saves nine" in the guest book..
I also took it in the final Expo 86 parade.

I took it to the City Hall lobby for a few days.
And to my 60th birthday party, July 7, 2000.

So what to do when Gorge & I decide to move into 426 Beach Crescent? There was clearly not going to be any room for Couver. It was just too awkward to keep. I tried the Vancouver Museum. I tried Carol James who had sat on City Council & she had expressed an interest in it. Nope, no, thanks, no. A person gets it after a while. It's time to move on! It was time for me to move on.
I dismantled it, saving only the proverb strips, thinking maybe one day they would get working into a quilt.
But no, that didn't happen. Somehow, somewhere they were lost. 
Poof gone!
Oh well, I still have wonderful memories, a few great photos, & good stories.

I am telling this story because I started asking who wants the 18 quilts,   completed in 2012, Oh Solo, Double, Trio?
[See the next blog post.]
The Winsor School? They said," No, but thanks for thinking of us!"
The Putney School? Doubtful.
Sarah Lawrence College? Hmmmm, maybe, I majored in math there.
Smith College, special collections library.... I can't imagine it....
Canadian Textile Museum... oh sigh, they don't collect "modern work".
The Vancouver Art Gallery? Ha!
The New England Quilt Museum-- they have my Much Depends on This Quilt series, BUT, & this is a big but for me, these number quilts would rarely see the light of day if they go there.
That just makes me s.a.d. That's what happened to the Much Depends series. They've been shown once. ONCE!! s.a.d

So my Oh Solo Double Trio work: Is it art? Is it math? Is it a teaching tool? Is it craft? Are they "art quilts"?  Is it a "book"?
Have I created another awkward thing that needs to be dismantled because it is too big, cloth [=troublesome], undefinable!

Yesterday, October 6th, I talked with Philip Ording, a math professor at Sarah Lawrence College. 
Maybe gifting the number quilts to SLC will work out.

That's it for now.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Oh Solo Double Trio, Numbers in my Life

Originally in 2012 I had hoped to publish a book, Oh Solo Double, Trio, but I exhausted myself with that effort.  

While I was teaching at Moberly School in Vancouver B.C my 2nd grade students were occasionally asked to write in their math journals & I wrote in mine. My math journal was the seed of Oh Solo Double, Trio.

Now is the time to try to figure out what to DO with this set! There is a bit of exasperation in this voice, in this sentence, because it's not easy to find a home for such a large & unusual body of work. 

Here are photos of the 18 quilts--fronts & backs (pages have two sides) & a detail of most. I am hoping find some place where they might inspire others to enjoy numbers in new & playful  ways. That is my teacherly goal!


First the title quilt, Oh, Solo, Double, Trio   (2012) (24" x 36")

& the dedication inside the cover.

                             A Lot of Nothing is about zero. (2008) (24" x 36")


We Are One (2009)  (24" x 36")

The Power of Two   (2009)   (24" x 36")


Three Points of Interest  (2009)   (24" x 36")


My 4 Lenses for Looking at Numbers  [in this case the number 4] (2009)   (24" x 36")


A Knot, a Ribbon, & Much More  (2009)   (24" x 36")


Hexominoes  (2008)   (24" x 36")


July 7 Birthdays   (2009)   (24" x 36")


Symmetric Numbers  (2009)  (24" x 36")


The Magic of 9  (2008)  (24" x 36")


Fingers & Toes Hands  (2008)   (24" x 36")

11-Point Stars  (2008)   (24" x 36")


12-Hour Clock  (2010)   (24" x 36")


4 X 13 Cards  (2009)   (24" x 36")


What Grew From Mathematics  (2004)   (24" x 36")


The Look of Numbers  (2012)   (24" x 36")

Colophon  (2012)  (24" x 36")
about the author


I  have the math journal that I worked on in my classroom-- the one that lead to my trying to develop a publishable book. This draft copy -- the first version of Oh, Solo, Double, Trio & the journal I should accompany the quilts to their new home.

That's it for now.