Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sublime Light--two majik moments

Sometimes I rush for the camera before the magic moment passes.
Lana Hill calls it majik, I like that spelling.

It was the red-lantern banners that called out to me....

...and the grays!!

...sometimes the camera couldn't make up its mind where to focus...

...In contrast, midday, with light fog, a few clouds, & new snow... from Point Gray Road....

... back to the bridge... & a view from my bathtub!!!.....

That's it for now.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

post #...really? 120... about favorite sculptures

I took some photos at the Peach Arch Border.  There's a lot of visual clutter there, so it took many visits to finally be free of it.

Sometimes there are birds in it & nests, but not this time. But I did catch the moon!

That got me thinking about some other favorite sculptures I have seen.

First from New Mexico.

Below, not exactly 'sculpture', but a whole yard given over to gas-pumps-as-artifacts.

 El Anastui, who makes wall clothes from common scraps from bottles caps & bands.
Marvelous Cuban papier mache cups Sal & Jobst got.

Found on Maui. Panic! I can't remember the name of the massive sculpture-maker working with common materials, in this case Christmasberry.
... or the felter....
 but this is my favorite, Pascal, who shows at a gallery in Pa'ia.
Back to a gallery in New Mexico... sorry, artists unnamed....

......on to New York-- one I know-- Elsworth Kelly the Met, a fabulous roof-top sculpture.... an exhibit at Sarah Lawrence...  a whole wardrobe.... New Mexico this very well-known Japanese/American ceramicist.... & me, again sorry I can't remember his name, but happy to stand there & be in his presence.
Sometimes the best sculptures are the random ones!! These are from Cape Cod... plant as sculpture...

...more random...


...And this final one kind of wraps around to the very first one at the border.

That's it for now.