Monday, December 22, 2014

Time for White

As I went around the neighborhood today taking pictures I realized  whiteness kept finding me.

This is "Gesamt Kunst Haus", now in wraps while deconstruction begins. This is where they were show-casing "Vancouver House". 
It is going on Howe Street below Pacific.

I became fascinated with details of the white....

...the bigger picture...
I could hear the workmen inside laughing & talking. I think they are stripping out salvageables first.   

Then, looking down....

This is the last distinguishable remnant of the Imagination Market--its front door.

I went back to a broken mirror that I had spotted a week before....

I went wild with the cracks & fragmented images.

I know it's not white, but... I couldn't pass this selfie up!

Home-made shelters come & go with great frequency in this zone. 
It's been like that for a long time.

All of that got me thinking about other whites in my life...

Need I say George laughs at me when I rush for the camera for photos while we're changing the sheets?
I sincerely love the folds. Even a paper placemat at a restaurant is fair game! The sheet of paper is all 'mountains' & then turned over, all 'valleys'.

...from a show of a really well-known Japanese textile-maker...

She like folds & cuts too..

Well, I could go on for ages...  but I won't.
That's it for now.