Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hawaii Again 2016

Usually our first port of call when we get to Maui is a visit to my Uncle Gene Bliss. He's soon to be 98, but 14 years ago he was the one who helped me meet George Thompson. We owe Gene a visit from time to time to thank him for this introduction on the Kihei Beach. George & I have been married 10 years -- the celebration we had on Maui.
Here's Gene, shaving for our arrival!

And usually,  he's non-shaving ...

We met up with many of the people we knew on the Kihei beach. Much changed. Some of it was surprising.
After several days we went to Honolulu for two nights.

Honolulu reminded me of the city of Singapore where we had been exactly a year ago.

Though the architecture wasn't as exciting as Singapore's.

One of our outings in Honolulu was to the Honolulu Museum of Art = HoNA!! I loved much of it.
There was a terrific textile room....
This first is an Asafo fighting flag. These flags were intended by Africans to intimidate the opponents. This one was based on the African saying about not touching your eyes after you had picked peppers.
 This is a blouse below is from the San Blas peoples on islands near Panama. They has a rich sewing tradition using reverse appliqué. The two photos below show the front & back of a story about a person who 1) became ill & 2) was carried hammock style to be helped by the shaman. This is the first time I have ever seen these appliqués as they first were made, to be part of a garment.

Below, an ancient South American weaving fragment. 
And this shell beading of a figure. It feels very Indonesian to me. 
This is a 1930s boys Kimono. There must have been an Olympics associated with the cloth!  ...1932, 1936?
& a Persian paining on cloth...

We  saw a show called TEXTING. This was my favorite part of it.

 Back on Maui we were with Sal & Jobst. They are our friends from Vancouver who decided to move to Maui. They built a house on 'agricultural land' & planted out koa trees, sandalwood, & a few other species. I kid them about living 'off the grid', because it's really clear to me the are just on 'another grid', a one most of us aren't so familiar with.
Sal took me to an Hawaiian palm weaving class she's been going to for a while.
The class was working on making a woven pouch. I love the colors of the palm fibers.


Sal gave us a tour around their plantation. I loved the papaya tree that had sprouted out of their compost bin. SO Maui!! Things sprout everywhere on Maui.
Below, pregnant sugar cane, a particular sub-species.
 ...& a banana leaf unfurling. They have apple bananas, quite tastier than the Cavandishes we get at the supermarkets, much smaller.
 Sal showing us around...
 The passion flower, named for what people thought were numerical references to the Easter story... 12 leaves, 4 of this, 7 of that... I loose track!!
 And the juiciest native-to-Hawaii hibiscus I've even seen. Overflowing with blooms & abundance.
No visit to Maui would be complete without the following....
...a fallen hibiscus flower....
 .....birds of paradise passed-by flowers....

& a sunset....
 a palm type whose roots help the particular kind of palm to move... that's right m...o....v.....e.......... walk over the ground over time
and palm fronds which I adore!!

And finally our anniversary dinner....

That's it for now.