Friday, March 18, 2016

Before the Pour

On Saturday the Howe Street pit will get a huge concrete pour. Between Pacific & Beach Avenue Howe will be closed to accommodate all the cement trucks.
I learned that the sand that the Granville Island cement company uses for its making comes from Sechelt. And all the rebar, some of it very, very thick gauge comes from China! The windows & cladding will come from Korea. 
All very amazing.
I am beginning to piece together where all the buildings will be.

Here are my most recent photos. These sketches made by Westbank, the developer, really help me.

Looking south from the Howe St. ramp.

The western triangular site is the one that is under development right now.

(above)The building again looking south. The building 'point' points north.

 (left) An interior design detail based on the building shape.
The south gate #2 gets new electrical.

I love these insulator gizmos!

Other aspects....maybe this is/is not the last constructed bed for a homeless person in the zone on 1400 Granville Street.

These empty shapes below are made for a concrete foundation slab.

When this amazing triangulating metal grid went in I had no idea that this was all to be filled with concrete.

The Howe Street side basement wall.
The men on the wall, securing the metal.
A late-discovered gas tank from Beach Auto Gas Station on Pacific.
Yet another random whatever-- so common in neglected locations.
Rodney Graham's Erasmus sculpture has a visitor.
New security cameras are installed on the south east corner.

Sadness is at my feet. I am super aware of the wealth-gap/housing-issues plaguing our city & getting way more acute.

The major prep for the pour on March 19th.

I've always wondered what various weights 'looked' like. Now I have a much better idea.
This machinery on Howe was for lifting--can't remember what for!
Aerial-hoisted small digger!
North end of site-- north on right..
Great example of concrete rectangle slab with walls/pillars beginning to grow out of it.
Howe St. concrete container being loaded.
Here's the wall form being filled with concrete.
I believe concrete will not envelop the red crane on the south end.
For some reason they are spending a lot of time around that crane.

Suddenly photo time!!! TWICE.

Then back to work.

This has continued to be an amazing development for me. I have had an opportunity to look at 'construction' up close & personal.

Tomorrow the Big Pour.
I'll be out there a few times for that.
THAT'S it for now.