Monday, May 16, 2016

Other Threads in My Life

My life has been not totally absorbed by the pit that is slowly filling with concrete & rebar in the 1400 block of Howe Street.
So I thought I would show you snippets of other things I've been noticing or doing. I have made some small new pieces.

I had never tried doing 3-D sculpture before. I had made something like this sculpture with paper & matte board. This was my effort to carry the idea into cloth. It was a pretty awkward piece to make & it isn't stable, but I might carry on in some way.
On my work wall were these seedlings that I cultivated. One lead to this, before finishing (left) & after quilting (right).


The 'seedling' in the case above was in the upper central slightly left-- inside the whitish sideways U.

This was also a seed which grew...& finally to this before it was quilted.

These below
 are what's on my work wall now.

I also have started a People-Out-There thread when I am struck by fashion.
There's a lot of this splashy hair- dyeing happening these days.

This woman with her own folding chair caught my eye. She was waiting for a bus. Everything she had on was artful.

This woman who was on Granville Island in a dress made from reversible cloth. The cloth was a double warped weave, very similar to colonial  coverlets.

And finally on the fashion front, twenty-or-thirty-somethings men/boys out for some boarding. A definite costume is at play.

Below the most simple clever books I've seen in a long time!

And a terrific New York clothesline photo from many years ago has been added to my clotheslines collection.

At The Tacoma Glass Museum wonderful effects from curved glass.

And here at home shadow noticings continue. a candle burning!

my desk clock & calendar

That's it for now.