Sunday, July 8, 2012

2 Birthdays & 1 visit from Alan Thompson

Alan has been with us for 10 days. He had been on an Alaskan cruise, so he was in the neighborhood, so to speak, & stopped by.

We've been to many parties & have thrown a few of our own. Great food, great friends & lots of talk & laughter.

Our house looks a bit like a flowershop.

You get the idea!!

The double birthday party on July 6th was with a cake for 2: 72 + 78 = 150.

George in delicious grey & winning smile.....

The other birthday person on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Thanks to Velma & Leigh, Leslie, Sal & Jobst, Tom & Louise, Joanie & Randy, Gail & Ian & Tehya, Tim & Lynn, Erica & Lesley & Jay, Max & Reed for a wonderful 10 days. 
We've had a good time with Alan & you all helped to make that happen.
Many thanks for that.

That's it for now.

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