Sunday, April 15, 2012

Make that 3 years!!


4 years here

In June George & I will have been living here for 4 years.

A few days ago I crossed the Granville Street Bridge to go to my foot doctor. It was so great a trip I walked back too.

I told George about it so 2 days later we did it together, armed with my camera.
I knew George would like the view of our False Creek geography and the sense of flying the walk gives.

We walked up the Seymore Street exit ramp. The Mark, a new high-rise is going in there. I've been really fascinated by this building, & have a totally new respect for the skills of the workers and the complexity of the whole endeavor. Though I am sorry that the site was a community garden surrounded with rosebushes-- all gone, of course.

I love the man with the staircase cut. The shape of the building is unusual & pointed. Workers of all kinds are everywhere. These people were connected to the digging of a long trench.
On my first trip across I watched a cement truck filling two huge vats for hoisting up to the 15th floor or so. It was quite a ritual with very clear steps: water added to the mix, water for rinsing the chute, reversal of turning etc. I'd never really noticed it all before.

Further along there were some graffiti that I liked. Greener arrows at the ends...

I love the ghostly interior of the letters. What is that? Earlier graffiti work?
Old Buds has my vote, though I wish he [it's a he, no?] hadn't put anything I could actually read!!

Then came the view of the bridge from the off ramp.

What a jungle of structure!!

And then we were treated to a series of views of how we are situated on the park.

We have a garden apartment near the children's play structure.

The cement factory, across from us was pretty fun to see from above. There are three barges that I couldn't figure out. Pretty chaotic, except the one with the huge crane on it.

These are maybe the cement truck drivers. The trucks were gradually being filled and leaving the yard.

At 7th & Hemlock we went to a coffee shop for lattes for our walk back.

I picked some cottonwood branches from a tree on the Hemlock Street ramp on our trip back. I am smelling them now as I write.

Walking back I noticed the Granville Island Brewery getting ready for a big pick-up. Ah, multiples!!

There was a sublime moment crossing the bridge going back....

This shot really shows most of King's Landing, the (pretentious) name of our complex. When did the king land here? The large building on the left is a different complex.

And finally some very ordinary things: crack patterns & numbers.

Very much like a ceramic glaze.

This one's going into my photo collection of numbers. So urban!

That's it for today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring & newness & majik: random!

Three weeks back from Maui.

The sun has started to shine.
I don't think we'll have such a delayed spring as last year.
I'm thankful for that!

Today our little garden pavement was pressure-washed and I am beginning to think of getting some new plants for the pots with brown dirt in them.

Last week I went on a bit of a spree to find a carpet for the kitchen.
I just hear all of you saying how unpractical, etc., etc. Kitchen?
But you know...
Well this was something I just wanted to do and I'm not up for Any Scolding!

When I met first George he had an awesome collection of carpets from Turkey mostly, and two from Iran. I had a very modest collection of my own, but a large historical connection to The Look. This was The Look of many of the Boston Homes I grew up with.

I wish I had taken photos of the carpets I brought home on a trial basis, because they were delicious, truly. But I can share images of stuff from our house.

I bought this one [above] on 22nd Street & Mathers Ave in West Van.

This is in many ways everyone's favorite [above].

 George says this is the most valuable one. I don't have an eye for that distinction.

This one [above] we have under the dining room table.

And this one is one of my favorites. There are grand irregularities in the woolens chosen to weave this. You can't see this in this photo.

So, TA-DA, the new kitchen one.  ..... do I see scraps of food on it? TUT TUT!
I DO!!  But now they are completely carpet swept away, which is one of the methods for care.

HOW could I have been SO foolish as to actually show you such a bad housekeeping [of mine] example?

So moving on...

Time for Tulips.

These tulips were starting to sag so I tried something I had seen in fancy places... submersion!
It's very juicy looking.

We are thinking of selling these extraordinary Baccarat glasses we have--11 of them. They are magic. But there's more!

Ordinary things with majik about them.

That's plenty for today!