Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Neighborhood

I've taken to carrying my small camera when I can. The iPhone's ok, but not nearly so flexible, so if I'm not feeling already-too-encumbered I put it in my purse.

Last weekend through a curious chain of coincidences I got to meet a world famous photographer, Fred Herzog.

Fred is a big story-teller, & George a very willing listener.

His opening is next weekend at the Equinox Gallery, so he is signing the to-be-framed photos.

I was quite taken with his photos. I have an affinity for doing that kind of photography myself.
So here is a small crop of my photos in response to seeing his work.
Some were taken recently & some taken ages ago.
Most are from my neighborhood.
                                        Isn't it a 5 or IS it?

The space inside is being renovated.
A surprising sitting room: strangely inmate & intentional.

 I can't get these images to work side-by-side. 
Ah, the limitations of Blogger!! Grrrrrr.

Granville Island outing...

...last foggy week...
...and below views from the Granville Street Bridge....

Old gas station

The men are working on the up-grade of the bridge.

....& back to the bridge...

That's it for now.

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