Monday, April 7, 2014

Gesamt Kunst Werk zone

In my pretty close neighborhood is an old building with the GESAMT KUNST WERK elegantly printed on it.
Within is an exhibit of a project "modestly" named Vancouver House. There are models of the whole project and the house which will be a mere 53 stories. This building will close a patch of sky for us to the north of us across Wainborn Park.

This is the north end of the Granville Street Bridge. The address of the 'house' is 1400 Howe.  It is on the west side of the bridge.

There are two other lower buildings that are nestled into the arms of the bridge's access & exit ramps. They are designed with a triangular footprint. The roof lines are pitched slightly to peek through the 'arm pits'.

 And there is a kinetic chandelier planned for the intersection of Granville & Beach.
This photo is in the neighborhood where The Imagination Market sat at 1435 Granville. The building is still there and I have haunted this zone a bit, as it has been slowly deteriorating. I find it fascinating, so I have decided I will document the evolution/devolution as the gesamt [total] kunst [art] Werk [work] progresses.

This is the Imagination Market building on the left. After IM left an artist/designer moved in & painted the god/adam hands. A few years later it was used  a shelter for homeless. This is City land.
H&H Metal Works was next door.

This is the real view where the chandelier will go.
1435 Granville is the one with words, behind the dragon wall.

Someone got to it with red paint & new graffiti followed!

This graffiti is recent.
Is the the ISN'T tagger?
See below.
It's gone. Too bad, I loved it.
This is 1435 from below looking up.
The 1435 building used to be a cleaners. The cleaners sign is above the back fence line & below the barbed wire.
It's these little things that seem so poignant to me. Why did this sign get knocked off I wonder?

And this nearby scene from the summer....

... became this....

This old gas station was where Black Top Cabs used to tank up.
And from the bridge here it is.

Well, you get the idea.

That's it for now.

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