Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finding & Seeing

Recently I have had some delightful accidental findings. I travel a lot with my camera or my 'cellery', so I often can catch the unexpected.

For example, on Granville Island, not far from the new bakery close to the market... oops! I love the story the flour tells.

 The whole mess, like something out of a fairy story.... with the princess trailing the flour to show the way to the rescuer...

 Then there was the carwash. I have always loved getting my car washed because of the visuals. Well, this time I had my trusty Lumix. Finally!
 Preliminary hard spray


 First rinse

 Hard rinse going through the machine frame, & harder & hardest


 The irresistible urge to use the wipers
 What happens when you move

What else?
Forlorn phone booth near Britannia High School, almost a thing of the past...

And an old crow's nest nearby where I live... I'm drawn to them....

 The fog makes for fun with cameras for the whole city. We are all gaga! 

These have been very yummy days for me recently. I am reconnecting with the Brahms Liebes Lieder Waltzes that I first heard in 1950 at the age of 10 & later sang them at 16. I'm in a new chorus & relearning them. I sew & practice at the same time. So yummy & hummy days both, as I sing along to the rehearsal CD or a good performance. Next I need to get on top of the German words. 
And this is the piece I've been working on....
This photo was near the very end of the piecework.  My sister, Annie, asks me what I think Brahms would think of this work.
Would he 'get' the relationship between his juicy harmony & my juicy colors & shapes?
I'll let the quilt-top settle in my mind for a bit before quilting it up by machine.

That's it for now.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

From the Shadows

These are the dark days & so when shadows happen there is excitement.
 Me & some special black & white photos.
The light, in both cases, is bouncing off apartment windows across the park from us. In the dark days the only sunlight we get is reflected.

Recently I saw this:

What a profusion of shapes!

I seem to gravitate towards these... a special kind of 'selfie'.

I love this umbrella in a lunchtime garden in Kahalui.
 Interference patterns: fence, shadow, & sand ripples... also on Maui

I love the distortion of glass, condensation, reflection, & shadow.

This wall sculpture in Mary Price's home is greatly enhanced by moving shadows during the day.

I love the ambiguity of some shadows...
...and the clarity of others.
 In our apartment this the best shadow wall.

When you see repeated shapes it means there is a pin-hole effect with light coming through trees. See below.

A paper-cutting artist's work threw wonderful shadows.

Beautiful things make beautiful shadows.

I have taken many photos of glasses. Simple, ordinary & shapely.

The next two are super ambiguous.

I have a transparent clock & transparent calendar. One rare day I saw this. I had to move fast, because shadows come & go!

Shadows have had life long fascination for me. In my thirties I published a book called Shadow Geometry. It's for kids & it's basically about projective geometry (though I never say that). The book is still sold in China-- it was translated. Twice a year I get a very small royalty check.

That's it for now.