Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time in Kihei HI 2nd Week 2014

The 2nd week on Maui George & I spent with Didi (aka Cecilia Fannon) & Jon Bliss, with pocket visits to Gene Bliss my oldest aunt-or-uncle. He'll turn 97 in February.
The cast:


Jon Bliss 
Gene Bliss
Me with my new-not-very-stylish-but-quite-functional Bagalinni.

I have a few other shots of my comrades to share with you. But first the atmospherics. Parts of Maui are just so sublime for me.

I can't remember the name of this tree, but it has papery bark.
....above the shaggy leaves, & below the thready trunk of a palm (one of many kinds)...
Below, my dessert, with espresso, first day on the island...ooops, a 3 pound gain in 2 weeks....
Below, a very normal Maui post-top!
Step ladders in Very High End [V.H.E.] window, below.
Gucci scarf Didi & I lusted for.
....various portraits...

Things in this shop were over-the-top. But the watch was modest!

That's it for now.
We had a terrific 2 weeks & Maui& we dodged hurricane Ana.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Week on Maui--2014

It's interesting coming back to Maui after a year. A few things have changed, but nothing drastic.

Photography themes emerge: vegetation, windows, art seen, & revisiting 3 of my past quilts. 

These are quilts that wound up in the home of Sal & Jobst, our Vancouver-now-Maui friends where we are staying.
This first was made with a paste-resist technique.
The one below I call Loving Hands.
I carved stampers of my hand & George's. The other stamps were made in India.
The next one is hung in a doorway so you can see front & back. This was made during my Stripes Period.

We went to a few galleries. Here are my favorites items.
The first is made with mostly vegetable fibers, echoing clothing.

Another shape to adore.
These are 3 nestling jars. They conform a bit to the neighborly shape.

Tapa paper.

The jewelry was made of this fern that I had just noticed...& I've been coming to Maui for 10 years!

Our last year of owning a condo on Maui Rosamar & Sabina came for a visit & we went to see this sculpture when it was new. I want to dig for the photo of the 3 of us there in 2011.

Here's a very Maui version of plant opportunism.
Below, a schefflera tree, natives called the octopus tree because of this flower which does go soft after a bit.

 ... wetness out here...
 banyon tree trunk/roots... I love how they go horizontal too...
...banana tree delightful & fashionable shagginess... first, one morning from my bed... Sue's Barbershop... George used to get his hair cut by Yoshida, now retired...crackpatterns.... another personal favorite...

...the delicious randomness of some window items....

I must end with a new clothesline photo. I collect clotheslines: cloth, shape, & linearity.
Those are banyon tree roots in the foreground.
That's it for now.