Friday, July 1, 2016

Textile work-- It's been so long.... Quilts from the past, long forms phase....

I haven't posted in a while because I've run into trouble with my photo library.
 I'm sure you don't want all the details, but my blogspot has conniptions when I try to choose photos.

I have done quite a few densely quilted quilts & quite a few with long linear forms.
I called this one Journeys.


I love the look & feel of dense linear quilting!
The next work I called Indigo Braiding.
I tightly braided three strips of white cloth & dip-dyed them several times in indigo. After the braid was dry the braid was opened and the strips sewn together to make a single central piece.
The side panels were thinner braids, less dyed.

This one is Giacometti Gestures... those long sculptures of his!!

Then came Miro's Moves.

& two details

In the one below I used offcuts from Maiwa's dress-making.
The partial ovals are armholes' offcuts.
The colors came from a favorite spring-time shrub.

Below: Red Viens [bleed]

You can't see the bleeding, but I had to wash this quilt and some of the red veins red spread out!

Then 11 Suits on a Green Field

Next is a very densely quilted piece  I call Chickens & Chicken Scratches, but no linear forms.

The chicken scratches were sewn when I was blindfold & with my left hand!!!
All of the chickens were created in a stitching class with Dorothy Caldwell.
You can really appreciate the ripple effects of dense quilting.

Two quilts experimenting a bit with transparent cloth &long forms.

oops!! the one below is upside down!! See my name on the upper edge?

Three final ones
Two inspired by colors & forms of oriental carpets.
I dyed the cloth myself.

And one in the same zone as 11 suits....

That's it for now.

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