Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beginning of Trip East

Sunday last we had one of those long days extended by getting up at 4am to get a 7am flight to Toronto.
After a 3 hour layover there we went on to Hartford.
We got to Sal & Dick Warren's house at 10:30.
They had just been to a 4 hour community planning meeting to try to figure out how to stop a huge line of windmills going in an an extended ridge line near them in Grafton VT.
So they were pretty spent too.
The impact on small roads, personal property, wildlife, and watersheds would be huge.
No community in Vermont has successfully fought this off... yet.
They are hoping.

We've has fabulous weather: sunny, high-flying-sky days.

Lots of this...

On another note Sal bonked herself on the head with a jar that fell off a too-high-to-reach-except-with-a-spoon-oops-ouch shelf!!
Serious enough so that 3 days later she's still laying low.

But she & I still had lots of time for talk.
And George & Dick went out for a toot in Dick's MG.

Of course they had an adventure. The MG quit, George came home for Dick's car, getting a ride from a friendly neighbor near the breakdown point, and then the MG was towed home.

Ah, true boyish fun. And no sweat!!

One day I went to the Putney Spinnery where knitting wool is spun, sometimes to order.
It is such a cool place.
Right up my alley, so to speak.

This woman is spinning two lots of one ply wool into one lot of 2 ply wool.
She's using serviceable but old machinery.
Said said she was 'bobbin hopping' but I didn't quite get what she was doing.
I'll have to look that up.

There was wool lint everywhere!!

I loved this office. There were several.

This was someone's order ready to go out.
I bet the wooden spindles come back.

There was much good talk.
At the end Sal & I recorded some wrinkles that we have.
Here goes!!

The drive to Lowell was sublime.
Lots of light pouring through lightly-leaved woods.
New England towns going by.

                                                       Not enough time to capture all of it!!

Nearly the only red tree we've seen.

That's it for now.

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