Monday, October 8, 2012

Saying Goodbye to #408 in Kihei, HI

I first came in Maui in 2002.
I came on Feb 14 & left the 21st.
The first morning I was here Gene & Ellie took me for a morning walk on Sugar Beach.
I met George.
He had befriended Gene, my uncle.

And so began my relationship with Maui.
Two years later I started a correspondence with George and two years after there was a marriage.

As we are now packing up 408 & preparing to move out I thought I'd show some of the quilts I made while I was here. This was a mosaic I made from dishes from Zimbabwe!

The one that I associate the most with being on Maui is one I made in my "triangle period".
The colors came from an amazing lucky-find tablecloth I got here.

NOPE!! Not the one I was looking for! But these are two others from the Triangle Period.
My first real foray into quilting by machine.
I'll have to post the special one mentioned later when I find it!!

There also was a 3-month period, another year, in which I did  concentric circles. I did quite a few in Maui. I have sub-standard photos, but I am beyond feeling/being fussy/proud about this.
This is a detail of one.

 All the circles were done by "raw appliqué" -- no edges turned under.
They were all quilted by hand.

Then there was the winter of Stripes = simplicity!!
I sewed together bands of color, may 6 or 7 of them.
I thought of them as chords.
Then the chords were assembled into compositions.
I loved/love this way of working.
Here are various chords.

These were hung over a door where I could think about them!

Here are some of the subsequent pieced products...

This one had a comical story
My chords all curved.
So I inserted wedges to straighten the curves out a bit.
This final one is after quilting on a huge quilting machine I use "upcountry".

Thanks to Russell whose machine it is. The BEST!! A Hamill.


The white dot is because I hung the piecework on the front door to photograph it.
The white dot is the peephole!

And then these...
This was the Left-Overs Scrap Quilt from all the striped quilts.

I call this one The Yellow Ladder.

So all of these came from the year 2010-11.

Then came the Year of the Retinal Tear, 2011-12.

These are the last ones I composed here.

This one was done entirely by hand. 
My machine was getting serviced in Honolulu.
And I couldn't read.
I had lots of time for handwork!

This one is a variation on squares-- curvy quadrilaterals, really.
I wish I had quilted this one by hand.
I could re-do it!!

Green Triangles.
This one I made with fabric I paid for with a gift from Karla Thompson. 
I started it here in April & finished it in Vancouver.

And finally, the quilt that I love so much that somehow typifies my time in Maui.
This is the one I couldn't find at the beginning!

I think a bit of the Bird of Paradise flower!
I love what you can do with shapes that are slightly "off". 
They add so much character to the work.

I'm amazed when I look at this body of work that Maui has inspired in me.

Thanks to Russell, Marilyn at the Maui Quilt Shop, Shawn King (my sewing teacher for several years), Michael James, book which got me thinking about stripes again (which I found at the Maui Quilt Guild), Barb Jenks who took me to the Maui Quilt Guild.

That's it for now.

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