Sunday, August 11, 2013

Textile work -- Oh Solo Double Trio Mounted & Rained Out

August 11, 2013

I have planned this day for over a year, maybe longer.
I did several dry runs out there in the grove-in-the-park of choice.
Evenly spaced trees, 4 benches. No trees that wept sap.
Wainborn Park across the park from our apartment. West of us.

I watched the weather with a wary eye.
I thought Wednesday or Thursday I should send out the invitations, so I did that Wednesday evening. Commitment.
A half an hour before the mounting time I was still no-ing & yes-ing. I woke George up at 9:00 for decision-making. Go for it, we decided. What the hell.
So what I got out of the whole experience was a dry run of the process. Joke! (A dry run that turned wet!)

Douglas, George's brother-in-law, carried the precious bundle of quilts across the park.
The wind was up to 10 mph... a bit of a problem... with a few gusts.

The quilts run from 0 to 13 plus two others.
 This is the title quilt. On the back is the dedication: for all my children, biological, pedagogical, & magical.

The look of the whole thing.

When Rosamar said to me,"Don't do a children's book, break the mold. Do your own art about numbers," this was the first quilt I conceived of in 10 minutes or less. I was ready & the teacher came. Thanks Rosamar. Thanks for the whole thing!
I call the first one A Lot of Nothing.

This quilt is for 1.

right to left: 2 [Double, Double], 3 [Three Points of Interest], 4 [my four lenses for looking at numbers--any number, but in this case the #4]

 Right to left... 5 [what happens when you tie a knot in a ribbon], 6 [hexominoes], & 7 [my July 7th birthdays]
 Right to left... 8 [about numbers that have line symmetry or point symmetry], 9 [about some of the amazing patterns hidden in the multiplication table] & 10  [fingers & toes]
right to left   11 [11-point-stars], 12 [clocks] 13 [a deck of cards, 4 x 13]

 Right to left  The quilt about rational numbers, the quilt about the look of numbers, & the colophon quilt.

                               Now the backs....  Zero...   
    It started to sprinkle. I rushed around photographing the backs.

right to left: backs of 2, 3, & 4
                                    left to right: 5, 6, & 7
                                                    left to right 8, 9, & 10
The backs of 11, 12, & 13... left to right
 The backs of rational numbers, look of numbers & colophon.

By then I was in a total rush to dismantle because of rain! There was a flash & a clap of thunder! Faster & faster! I call George & Douglas, come quick!

That's it for now. I have my eye on September 1, the day before Labor Day for the next remount. Help me get good weather!!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Especially the pict of Douglas being half blown about as he heads to the show grounds with the goods! :))