Thursday, August 22, 2013

Since May in Ohio

Today I finished off two pieces.
One I had dyed in Ohio at the Color Workshop & the other piece had a long history.
I'll start with that.

I can't remember where, but I found some yummy silk plaid ribbon, cut on the bias. And around the same time I found some shapes in Maui, in the work of a sculptor named Pascale that I wanted to experiment with.

Whatever I was or wasn't doing I couldn't pull it off. The work got put aside.
And then, as so often mysteriously happens, they came to hand. Maybe it was because they were in the color zone of the 2 yard skeins I had bought for my inspiration for the color course.

...and I'm off!

This is how it looked before it was quilted up.
...and after quilted up in red thread.

The other piece completed today....

The method is African stitch resist. The hairy bits are where the dental floss thread kept the dye out!
One of the small quilts assembled in the workshop went through a big transformation.
Here's how it was... the early stages of quilting it by machine. 
Then this occurred to me
then this... pinned on...

The color additions are cut from a scarf my mother wore in the 1950s. It came from Venice.
I love the depth created by this addition. And the machine quilting got way denser.
 Finally, a two color study... completed soon after I got back...


That's it for now.

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