Saturday, June 21, 2014

Old Quilts. not mine --Nora's restaurant in DC

Alan Thompson, George's brother, arranged a meal for George & me & him at Nora's in D.C.

George & I have been devouring the books of Ruth Reichl recently so we were primed for an awesome restaurant that cooks with as-pure-as-possible food.

Nora's really fit that bill.

But also delicious were Nora's quilt collection.
Oh goodness.
Nora has an EYE!!!

This one is old Amish. the detailed shots show the coarseness of the old hand-woven cloth.

I feel another triangle surge coming on!!

Then... & still Amish.. in velvets & tied, not quilted...

Also an unusual distorted hexagon quilt, also Amish with velvets....
Wonderful  "crazy quilts" = fancy fabrics + unusual patterning + stitching embellishments

This one below is quite unusual for its regularity...

And the balance of the quilts in the restaurant...

I think of the one above as an old fashioned game board.

This one above has the looseness of African-American patchwork.
And the ones below Amish fancies, with velvets. Unusual work, except the third one which is classic Amish.

These were all taken with flash, so.... whatever!!!

THANKS, Alan, for the great Nora Outing with fabulous quilts & food.

That's it for now.

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