Monday, September 29, 2014

Rocks & Mountains -- Trip North

There were 3 mountain ranges we were close to: the Tombstone Mountains at the beginning of the Dempster Highway, the Ogilvie Mountains in the middle, & the Richardsons further north.

I want to share some rock formations & mountain shots. The geology was terrific, that's for sure.

Sometimes with a lake like that there would be two white dots... nesting swans. 
 Crumbling rock vs. vegetation... back & forth... crumbling makes vegetation possible & more crumbling can wipe it out.

                                       Layers & scree

  I was particularly fascinated with the small patch of very thin layers of rock upended (below)..... shale, maybe...

It made me think about a huge puzzle being undone, breaking up.

Harder rock stays, softer rock crumbles.

This seepage... oil? water?
This river (above) is a drinking source for large ruminants needed mineral. We didn't see any goats here, but we could have.
Here is the red of iron.
And below the red of sulphur.
 And finally glacial scrape lines-- large & small.

                                           I find them thrilling.

                                             That's all for now.

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