Thursday, June 26, 2014

Delights at the Library of Congress

Two days ago I went to the Library of Congress for the 2nd time.
George wanted to see the astonishing many-page map printed by Albrect Durer's shop in the 1500s. It's the first map that mentions the word "America" placed on a sickle-shaped South America.

But I wanted to be in the upper space closer to the amazing vaulted ceilings supported by ornate pillars & arches.
First the exterior...
...then the ceilings...

In this last photo stain-glass skylights.

The floors were pretty nice too.

In the Library are several exhibit spaces. A model of Jefferson's personal library with dummy books placed on the shelf for books they knew he had had. There are books written in English, Latin, Greek, & French. There maybe Hebrew & German also, for all I know. A true scholar, he was.

One other gallery had an exhibit of Persian books.
I did no reading of the accompanying signs. The visuals was all I sought.
And oh, my! what visuals.
I did struggle with lighting unevenness. Couldn't be helped.
I can't help myself from thinking about patchwork quilts, for the shapes, the balance, & the figures in the shapes have so much resonance for me.
The color palette feels Amish to me.

 This one I particularly love: Hebrew & Persian interlarded on gold.

 I love the chart below...
 ...& the page about anatomy...

This one above feels very modern, but I can't be sure.

Such a pleasing experience!
Detail & delight everywhere.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day of the Baseball Game

Sunday a group of seven went to see "the Nats" play "the Braves".
I hadn't been to a baseball game since August 2001.

Baseball's not my favorite sport. Too much waiting for a few moments of really beautifully played baseball-- double plays, great doubles, surprise bunts, stolen bases, people getting tossed out for sassing the ump, you know interesting stuff. The rest? Padding & spectacle. I was really hit but how much more show-buzz the event has become. Lots of hype for ersatz value. I won't bore you with details or examples.

Empty stands, full stands-- lots of Nationals' red.

The audience.... a sample....
Our party... George, Ian, Karla & Doug Smith, Alan & Jack Thompson

We all were given free hats.

On the walk from our parking was a marvelous building. Irresistible.
There were others too, I think, or I got other views, [I was disoriented] but when I got home I edited...

The terrible beauty of destruction & deconstruction.

That's it for now.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nora's restaurant in DC

Alan Thompson, George's brother, arranged a meal for George & me & him at Nora's in D.C.

George & I have been devouring the books of Ruth Reichl recently so we were primed for an awesome restaurant that cooks with as-pure-as-possible food.

Nora's really fit that bill.

But also delicious were Nora's quilt collection.
Oh goodness.
Nora has an EYE!!!

This one is old Amish. the detailed shots show the coarseness of the old hand-woven cloth.

I feel another triangle surge coming on!!

Then... & still Amish.. in velvets & tied, not quilted...

Also an unusual distorted hexagon quilt, also Amish with velvets....
Wonderful  "crazy quilts" = fancy fabrics + unusual patterning + stitching embellishments

This one below is quite unusual for its regularity...

And the balance of the quilts in the restaurant...

I think of the one above as an old fashioned game board.

This one above has the looseness of African-American patchwork.
And the ones below Amish fancies, with velvets. Unusual work, except the third one which is classic Amish.

These were all taken with flash, so.... whatever!!!

THANKS, Alan, for the great Nora Outing with fabulous quilts & food.

That's it for now.