Friday, May 22, 2015

Old Stuff in the Okanagan

In the Okanagan, where I went with George & two friends, Bill & Nora, there were several layers of 'old'.
The land itself having gone through two glacial eras leaving distinct benches of land.
There were rocks of all kinds that had deposits of salts on them. It was a bit like frosting: one side of the rock & not the other.
I had never seen that before.
The salts reminded me of those at this special lake.
I don't know if they are the same.
There was old wood, everywhere.
This is arid high desert land.

There were rocks breaking up.
Lots of lichen, a small bench, & a left-behind spade. 
I thought about getting it, but was glad that I didn't. 
It would have been an ideal spot for rattlesnakes.
There was other lichen & moss too.

And we saw evidence of volcanic ash.
Another version of 'old' below. Folded, nearly braided, rock layers.
Then there were old walls: man made.

And old buildings...

We thought maybe this complex was for migrant workers.
We saw an amazing collection of old toasters-- hard to photograph through glass, but...
In a shop I saw some pants that were printed to look like old jeans. The fabric was actually very flimsy-- maybe polyester knit. That turned up cuff....printed!! Worn out pocket corners, ditto.
I guess my favorite collection was in an orchard west of Hedley. Cars & tractors
(Actually, that one is in Hedley.)

potato digger!

Maybe a wine press should have the last word.
That's it for now.

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