Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top of Vancouver

Last week George...
& my friend Mary Beecher Price from my grade 5-9 days in Boston & now from Ann Arbor...
& I
....went to the Top of Vancouver Restaurant. 

We did 2.5 x 360 degree turns.
The sun went down.
The themes popped up as I took pictures.
These are old and familiar themes: I gravitate!


The orange below in these reflections is from these cranes in the harbor.

..details of picture above below..

Then there are the sails in two sun-scapes, lantern-like.

 I love the trains & tracks.


Who'da guessed I'd see turquoise?
Then the rooftops that I haven't already shown you....
It looks like this one above will be taken down soon. It has that look of abandonment, doesn't it?

Rooftops aren't particularly 'pretty' but they are interesting.
They tell stories.

Two famous old buildings were prominent: The Toronto Dominion Building & the old Vancouver Sun tower....I hope I have that right.

These buildings were here in 1967 when I first came to Vancouver.
So much has changed since then!
As I looked around at the old & the new.
I know that some will be taken down a.s.a.p.
Vancouver has already demolished many many many fine old grand dame-buildings of by-gone eras before Hertitage Committees start kicking up big fusses.

This was my favorite shadow photo of the building we are atop!
But then there is this one too which is pretty fetching.
Daphne & George & Mary sipping or taking pictures.
The pillows.
I do love this building structure even though it is a total financial over-spend-loss for the city.

I love the progression of shadows.
The View.
We are so lucky!

The Food!!
We ate so well that night & felt grateful for good fortune.

My special pear treat below.
Ooo la la!
What a special evening. Good food, good friends, good conversation, good humor.
That's it for now.

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