Sunday, August 9, 2015

1400 block Granville/Howe

For a long time I called this block the 'Kunst Werk zone'. 
A  storage company owned a large building on that block.
I had been haunting that block because that's where the old Imagination Market building was at 1435 Granville.
I moved into this neighborhood in 2009.
I took photos.

Then a development permit sign went up and the storage business building acquired a new look that went with "Gesampt Kunst Werk" & some spiffy new partial cladding.
Then I really started taking photos, editing them, & getting swept up in the huge changes about to happen in my neighborhood.

I was invited into a group of artists to do a show at the Chinese Cultural Centre in November-December 2015 called Telling Stories, Making Connections. My 'story' is going to be about what this block has brought to me. In the past & now.

But I am not going to show you all the photos I took for that show. There is/was lots of other projects of a similar nature going on in my neighborhood.

So here goes.  
First, a glimpse of the massive  project. This is a photo of the  model of the tallest building of the new complex. These are from the promo-info centre at 1410 Howe Street last summer. The bridge you see are various arms of the Granville Street Bridge on the north side.

It cracks me up this is being called Vancouver House.

The photo of under the bridge is a proposed mobile chandelier to be built by artist Rodney Graham. It was photoshopped into a video at Gesampt Kunst Werk .
Rodney also did this sculpture on a building really nearby @ Howe & Pacific.

Where I take you from here, since I was carrying a camera nearly all the time with me, are photos of changing things in my neighborhood. Some have to do with other construction projects (there are several others).
First dumpster with broken mirror.

Reflections in construction-site-puddle.
Pure texture: corrugated cardboard that got wet
random illegal drywall dump in the old Buster's yard
Shadows to die for....

other b/w images...silhouettes...
 BC place in construction
shadows-- that's me on the bridge-- a selfie!
One demolition very near by at Mortifee-Munshaw/Richards on Richards, near my apartment.

One of my big surprises was how much metal and wood was separated out for re-processing. Very heartening.

Granville Street Bridge reno, below
 some fence, somewhere, padlock leavings...
Un-welding on Richards St. so the awning frame can come down.

The Beach City Motors at Beach & Howe...
Staging grounds for for the Telus building on Georgia

 Telus building downtown. That's where the wire cages went.
Amazing colors over by the Equinox Gallery.

 ... not sure where this was....[below]

I learned that old bricks sell for 60 cents!
Il Giardino also down. So sad. I loved that space.

 Plates!!! Good God!! They didn't save them? My New England soul quivers!!
 gaskets & pipes for new water/sewer mains
a special moment on the Telus-site of a Muslim man praying.


Looking down.

 street views

 Burrard Bridge cement-decay

Floating barrel at Hornby street dock.
I have so enjoyed this exploration.
Cities have their rawness. Somehow I manage to get caught up in the peculiar beauty, in the whole idea of impermanence, & in nostalgia.
Many artists get caught up is in this zone.
That's it for now.

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