Saturday, September 23, 2017

reflections / snoitcelfer

That's an obscure way to title a post!!

George & I went up the coast of BC to Lund.
We took two ferries to get there. Lund is at the end/beginning of highway 101. The next day we took a boat up to Desolation Sound.
This is a favorite place for sailors. George Vancouver named it back in the 1700s. But since then people discovered that there are patches of the sound that are warm enough for pleasurable swimming.
There are thousands of islands along that inland waterway, & thousands of passages & inlets. There's even a group called the Ragged Islands. Looking at a map it seems to be a most apt name. Lots of glacial activity formed all this.
In one narrow passage I was beset with reflections. It was both magical & a bit dizzying, disorienting. For me suddenly the colors are more intense. I can't explain why. So here they are.

I think this last one is my favorite. Maybe because it's bestial!
My title is reflections spelled forwards & backwards. It's imperfect because I couldn't flip the word visually!
That's it for now.

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