Saturday, September 23, 2017

BC Coast: Desolation Sound & Princess Louisa Inlet

The rocks, the water, the mountains, & clouds-- sublime!
We saw petroglyph. 
I wouldn't have noticed it without the help of our guide.
I bet you might have missed it too!
Pretty amazing!!
The mountains reminded me of Asian paintings with many layers of greys.

Some clouds were to die for.

I was very surprised at how few birds I saw.
Surf scooters below.
Sundry gulls only at the beginning of our outing...
A 'pet' eagle that was called out by our captain. He had chicken in the boat's freezer for this eagle. The eagle knew the boat!!
The chicken is in its talons.
Then there was a small flotilla of red-headed mergansers. I call them the woodpeckers of the water!
                                 They can be hard to see!
               One of the waterfalls was called Chatterbox Falls. 
Nearby was a sumptuous tree.

The rocks came in wonderful shapes & colors....

...& oystered & musseled...
& more rocks...


& a favorite tree....
I loved the exposed roots.
That's it for now.

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