Saturday, December 24, 2011

Maui Swap Meet

On Saturdays on Maui there is a swap meet. The swap is money for goods. I haven't seen any old-fashioned bartering.

I went with Sabina & Rosamar today and we did a systematic sweep of the whole site, though after a while things start to look the same. You can buy orchids, fruit & vegetables, fast food snacks, bazillion rayon dresses & Hawaiian shirts for men. There is jewelry, wood work, chatchkas, bags & hats. A big cross section of Maui is there: tourists and residents.

Let's see...
Sabina got new earrings.

Very fetching I thought, especially with the shirt she bought the last time she was on Maui.

Rosamar & Sabina also gathered food for tomorrow.

And I found the biggest avocado ever which I bought for George.

It cost me $4. I got another buyer to hold it so I could show you the scale of it. 

I found some wonderful koa salad servers. They give off the most terrific clacking sound.  And a new straw hat, the brim of which started to sag after a a rather short time making seeing difficult. And I got Maui onion mustard.

But most of all I came home with photos of food: multiples & textures.

I think these look like lotus leaves, but I didn't ask.

Squash family, for sure. I see these in Chinatown in Vancouver too.

I've seen these before too. I guess I was too busy looking to slow myself down with asking.

Finally there was a XXL shirt for $60 that I coveted. It was so jolly!

OH my!! It would have swum on me & on George!! But classic!!
And I came home with good memories of fun with Sabina & Rosamar.
Christmas eve is almost here. Sundown is happening.
That's it for now.

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