Friday, December 23, 2011

Outing to Lahina

Maybe that was the last time I'll consent to going to Lahina. It is the worst tourist trap on Maui. Thank goodness no cruise ships were out there, so things were not crowded, but the art galleries my two friends, Sabina & Rosamar, thought were there weren't. Every store carried the same as every other store... you know the feeling. Lowest common denominator springs to mind.

There were a few exceptions. Thanks goodness.

We wound up walking a back road to our car.

Sabina & Rosamar & I whipped out our cameras.

 Sabina with hat.
  texture appreciation

We all took pictures of these shadows!



The day was overshadowed by Sal & Jobst loosing their passports, not going to Manilla, but back to Seattle to wend their way back to Vancouver by bus. We gathered to provide them with a shower, good food, and lots of sympathy. Oh my!!

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