Thursday, December 29, 2011

derelicts, decay, & abandonment

George & I have a joke about 'the Real Maui'. It happens in the presence of back alleys, back roads, & places that haven't been gussied up for tourism.

I realize I have quite a few photos of derelict & decayed & abandoned things. It's one of my themes, for sure.

Two days ago, on an outing with Sabina & Rosamar & George I saw some things that were so definitely in this category.

I have no idea what OOCL is, but I'll bet it's a Japanese company.

I guess what partly 'gets' me is how many questions flood into my mind: who built this structure? what was it's original/&later purpose? how old is it? who owns it/owned it?  And once these questions start many more come.

A collection of old bicycle seats? Why? Why here? How forlorn is that?

But this window in Paia beats all. This strained paper has been there for at least 2 years, and I finally got a picture of it.

I suppose you could say this is accidental art. No one set out to make these amazing water-stain effects. I also see that this sort of thing is the stuff of some modern abstract art. You see something unusual & you flag it & celebrate it.

That's it for today.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Maui Swap Meet

On Saturdays on Maui there is a swap meet. The swap is money for goods. I haven't seen any old-fashioned bartering.

I went with Sabina & Rosamar today and we did a systematic sweep of the whole site, though after a while things start to look the same. You can buy orchids, fruit & vegetables, fast food snacks, bazillion rayon dresses & Hawaiian shirts for men. There is jewelry, wood work, chatchkas, bags & hats. A big cross section of Maui is there: tourists and residents.

Let's see...
Sabina got new earrings.

Very fetching I thought, especially with the shirt she bought the last time she was on Maui.

Rosamar & Sabina also gathered food for tomorrow.

And I found the biggest avocado ever which I bought for George.

It cost me $4. I got another buyer to hold it so I could show you the scale of it. 

I found some wonderful koa salad servers. They give off the most terrific clacking sound.  And a new straw hat, the brim of which started to sag after a a rather short time making seeing difficult. And I got Maui onion mustard.

But most of all I came home with photos of food: multiples & textures.

I think these look like lotus leaves, but I didn't ask.

Squash family, for sure. I see these in Chinatown in Vancouver too.

I've seen these before too. I guess I was too busy looking to slow myself down with asking.

Finally there was a XXL shirt for $60 that I coveted. It was so jolly!

OH my!! It would have swum on me & on George!! But classic!!
And I came home with good memories of fun with Sabina & Rosamar.
Christmas eve is almost here. Sundown is happening.
That's it for now.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Outing to Lahina

Maybe that was the last time I'll consent to going to Lahina. It is the worst tourist trap on Maui. Thank goodness no cruise ships were out there, so things were not crowded, but the art galleries my two friends, Sabina & Rosamar, thought were there weren't. Every store carried the same as every other store... you know the feeling. Lowest common denominator springs to mind.

There were a few exceptions. Thanks goodness.

We wound up walking a back road to our car.

Sabina & Rosamar & I whipped out our cameras.

 Sabina with hat.
  texture appreciation

We all took pictures of these shadows!



The day was overshadowed by Sal & Jobst loosing their passports, not going to Manilla, but back to Seattle to wend their way back to Vancouver by bus. We gathered to provide them with a shower, good food, and lots of sympathy. Oh my!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hoary bat surprise

The shift to Maui happened Monday evening. 

Crossing the water was for me better than usual. I worked on my writing, read a bunch from my new favorite book, Justice Older than Law, about the life of Dovey Roundtree, an important black civil-rights lawyer, slept and did a couple of Sudokus.

The first evening we were here I saw my first ever Maui bat, called the hoary bat because the tips of its fur are frost white.  This bat is one of TWO mammal indigenous to Maui. The other is the monk seal. That is something to think about! They think the bats were blown here a long time ago.

I was blown away that I has never seen this bat before, after all these years of coming here. I wondered about what might have shifted that I see them now.

We are most of the way settled in, George more than I. I haven't walked the beach yet, waiting for a good low tide with hard sand for my knee's welfare!

Meanwhile I am enjoying again the coconut palms.

I LOVE the Moire effects that the palm spikes make with each other. I have many photos of these.

Then there are the sunsets....

SUBLIME colors. These are sunset surrounds, which I make sure I see & notice.

That's it for now.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I've taken many photos of lines in my day.

Today's the day to share some.

First from our new stadium that cost us $500 million and leaks!!

Watching this go up was a constant treat.

bedstead & ceiling slats

Telephone wires anywhere

& the same with crows

That's it for today.