Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Maui Sugar Mill

Zooks!! What a zone THAT SUGAR MILL is.

Yesterday George & I were taken to the site of the very first Library on Maui.
It is a very off road, quaint, very functional, 25-cents-a-book kind of place.
I bought a book for $2 and two books@ 25 cents.

But it wasn't the Maui Friends of the Library building that was so spectacular to me, but the road getting there that really caught my attention.

I was seeing a raw, gritty, dusty, and run down part of Maui that most visitors here never see nor want to see. The surrounds of the sugar mill, which is very active and productive, I find fascinating, wistful, and parts of it, sadly forgotten. It raises all the usual questions: what were things used for, why are they here now, and what will become of them???

Where to start?

Well, let's start with the numbers. I photographed quite a few.
This is some kind of harvester. There are two drivers seats on the platform.
 This is typical of the sugar mill zone. Dirt on truck with standout red box.
 Another red box.

& yet another red box, but without a number.

Then there's the category of vehicles:

Red is a frequent color with this company.

 These are discards.
These are the very big haulers with the plant behind. I particularly enjoy the green barn up high!

It seems that golf carts were a good way, once, of getting around.
These are the cut-cane haulers, I think. When I finally go to the Sugar Mill Museum I will learn more about what machinery I saw today.

The buildings....

 The sign is red with Maui dust! This is the side of a shed.

An alley as rich in color as in Italy, but oh, such a different ambience.
 Cascading roofs of the mill.

The church for the mill community.

All the earmarks of an outhouse. How forlorn is that?

The next batch: random & abandoned.

4 Box shots

 A francolin in the foreground was discovered when I got home.
 The open box structure... for what?

 That's it for now.

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  1. Great shots. Reed and Max would really like the big dump truck picture printed! They love these mega trucks.