Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter 1, Maui Quilts 2012

It pains me.
I wrote this chapter yesterday & THOUGHT I had saved it.
When I came looking for my draft today I couldn't find it.

Oh well, gradually, gradually I'll learn my way around this blogger format.
I no longer 'poof' my entry with the delete button.
That was progress!

Yesterday I finished off two quilts that I made after my eye problem.
I ran into all kinds of trouble with my machine quilting.

In 1951 when my mother decided to buy her 3 girls a portable Singer (which I still have) she stayed in the kitchen while the man went over the basics with us in an upstairs room.

The big rule I remember was don't fool around with the tension.
The lesson I took from that was that girls couldn't be mechanical enough to be taught how to control/manage that zone.
That was the man's world zone.

How sad is that?
So for many years I kept hands off unless I was totally desperate and dared enter that no-no dial.
Just think of how many precious hours of experienced I missed that way.
So sad.
So sad that I was taken in by it.

So when I had trouble with tension I kinda unhappily and somewhat helplessly toughed it through.
Afterwards made up my own test assemblage that I would sew a line of stitching with the presser foot I use for machine quilting.
Upper tension over lower tension & spool thread over bobbin thread.
Keep records!
What a concept!

So I quilted up the pattern piece that I painted in Susan Shie's class.

It's about spirals & different ways of getting logarithmic spirals. It's also about constructing the golden rectangle.
It's about patterns in my life!

Then the 3 most recent quilt finishes.

Before quilting & after....

 oops.... upside down.. oh well (& oh hell, too late)

In some ways I don't have the same sense of exploration as I had last year, but I am not hard on myself about that. Art development has ebbs & flows.
And EBBS are just as important as FLOWS.

The quilting was difficult because I did many changes of direction, but I am really unhappy with the overall effect. 
Maybe when I get it home I will redo it. 

This was before I quilted this piece.
The quilted up photo came out too pale.

 I love the liveliness of the colors.

In a way I was echoing colors from an earlier quilt done 2 years ago.

That's it for today

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  1. I love the gray and red one, so delicious and a nice amount swooshy.

    Love to you in Maui. I was just looking at our last trip there, in 2009, and thinking it looked like a wonderful time.