Friday, March 2, 2012

Preparation for selling Maui Condo

George's condo will go on the market this weekend. He signs the papers today.

This is the 3rd property we have gotten ready for sale & strangely I can say I like the process though it's hard work. Confirmed though is how well we work together and we experience the pleasure of like-mindedness about what we do: what goes/what stays, how things should best be arranged, what we'll leave here.

When the realtor arrived yesterday to take photos for the sale he was really impressed. A nice confirmation.

Of course at the level of photo-shoot-ready the apartment is total unlivable. Trash container in kitchen is out of sight, as are tooth brushes, dishpans & sponges, newspapers, pen & pencil holders, etc.

It's been a long process deciding to sell. The problem with having a 2nd home is that since it costs money to maintain it you feel have to go there. We could have put it back into the rental pool, & if it doesn't sell that'll be our fall-back position.

Other places in the world beckon.

So here is what we are giving up!!

The apartment number I made.

Morning walking beauty....

I call this my morning sea latte!

Totally bare!

Our usual lunch spot.

I have a file called "yet another sunset". I think I'm not taking any more, and then I DO!

That's it for now.
Tomorrow off to Oahu for 2 nights and Kaui for 5. I'm looking forward to contrasts.

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  1. Doesn't look like the place Reed and Max lived in.... ;-)