Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Each of our 3 nights in Hoh-noh-lulu (please note correct proh-nounciation!) were filled with thunderstorms.
Rain by day intermittent.
We had plans with some slippage, rain-related, & not-knowing-quite when/where-to-go problems.
But that's life, some plans don't pan out.

This is the palace of Hawaiian Ali'i (royalty). Very ornate and pretty.


Sidewalk hearts & a great unreadable wall mural.


Doorway in Chinatown.

 One of the many white pigeons in Honolulu. Where did they come from?
Super surf colors.

Yesterday we left for Kaua'i, not really fully grasping the extent of rainfall here.
That would be 36 inches!
Wetness everywhere, along with the roosters, chicks, & hens.

 I love those pineapple patterns!
 JUNGLE with monstera vines.
Taro fields, through some rain!

That's it for today.
Exploration time calls.

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