Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Trip Around the North End of Maui

Yesterday we drove the north loop, around the top, around the headland.
I had done it only once before when I was really new to Maui.
This time I understood a lot more of what I was seeing.
There used to be much more land up there but it fell into the ocean leaving cliffs & steep hillsides.

So great views & lots of exposed rock faces to see the geology.
The grey layer is ash, volcanic ash.

Then there are some distinctly rural so-Maui things.

Too bad, no banana bread for sale here.

This small church was in a community that had had many problems last week, during the Big Rain. Their creek rose 12 feet!
We bought snacks from a man stopping cars going through this village. He was a great sale man. Too bad I didn't get a photo of him.

Then the rocks, oh the rocks. 

 How did THESE get formed. Shot from the volcano like splashy spewing forming rocks in the air? I'm trying to picture it. Sometimes you see these rocks in the layers of lava.

This is ash, and I took a chunk of it home to see about dissolving. I put the chunk in water and the water after a while became all milky! Just like the Toutle River with the Mt. St. Helen's ash in it.

Here are some more examples of So Maui. We noticed the lack of feral chickens here compared to Kaua'i!

I've taken quite a few pictures of roadside memory-sites. I love the Bud Lite in this one. I hope this person didn't die because he was DWI. I assume it was a man who died, because the site didn't have a feminine touch.

That's it for now. Friday we leave for Vancouver. Coats will be necessary. I anticipate a climate shock. Still, it'll be good to be in that home!

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  1. So nice to see--now I can almost feel like I've been there.