Friday, March 9, 2012


Friday morning wee hours much heavy rain here west of the town of Hanelei.

36 inches of rain in 24 hours was suddenly comprehensible.
It eased off last night after a couple of hours with thunderstorms & I eased off on my fretting and went back to sleep.

The road out of here is closed because of a new landslide, so it's anyone's guess when we can drive out. Flash flood warnings in effect, and it is raining at 9:30, but for now not pouring.

It's a day for books, & indoor pleasures.

Yesterday we went to two nearby beaches.


Luscious foam!!

Then further west of here...

 Many runoff rivulets looking spinal!

And fascinating ironwood tree roots.
The tsunami of last year didn't do much damage, but many of the houses are up on stilts!

That's it for now.

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