Friday, March 30, 2012

Last April

Since I have not been doing this for a year yet, I thought I'd share with you a piece of my April 2011.

I went to a farm auction with my friend Louise. Her son, Peter, was auctioning off all manner of farm equipment. It was an ideal setting for what I love to photograph.

There were scenes of decay, many great collections, one of them being the farmers' pants!!

First the setting...

This is a gorgeous turn of the century family farm house.
Architectural details inside to die for.
This is Peter, tired but focused. He ran a great auction! 

Here are two other farmers.

There were at least 300 farmers there, I'd say. Lots of talk and stories and goals. I spoke with one woman who was hoping to get some containers for her orchard's needs.

Here's some of the stuff for sale.

I don't know what all of this is, but visually right up there!

Here's a taste of some of the farm patinas I found.

        Swallows' droppings, nest nearby.

Green moss patina.
It was a very muddy spring last year.

On to the textile portion of this outing....
I was captivated by the play of style, stance, folds, & light.

It was a fabulous field trip!
That's it for today.


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  2. I did learn more about improving things, this time around. Still, when I am setting up the blog What I See Is NOT What I Get.

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    It's dead simple to make it work out better. It's only computer technology.

  3. Still, I love the content. I think blogs were made for collections like yours.