Sunday, March 4, 2012

SO Sew Daphne

In the process of getting the condo ready for viewing George & I retired 5 IKEA rag rugs made in India.
They are hard to keep clean & we were starting to trip on them.
In my fitness class in Kihei we all made a long list of all the things that make us fall.
Scatter rugs is one of them.
I decided really it was time to let them go.
And the ones in Vancouver too.
They were falling apart anyway from washing and too much dryer time.
They were loosing body with each washing making them even more "trippy"

The morning we were packing for Oahu George opined that it was time to chuck them out.
Ah yes, but I had another plan.
It was a plan that I had been harboring for a long time.
Since I was mostly packed I started carrying it out.

Cotton warp, but what about the weave?
Was it polyester, crappy fabric or what?

Dismemberment began!

HOW'S that for visuals?
The excitement of discovery!

I'm in heaven!
Mostly the weaving cloth is pima cotton grade strips.
There is also some very frayed bright colored rayon.
I am making plans!

Mostly there are stripes and plaids-- men's shirting.
This will be sooooo fun to work with.
I brought some of the strips with me so when it's raining in Kauai I can have a new project to keep me happy.
I have to open up all these strips to reveal the fun of what's there!

I asked George if he was excited by this.
Guess what?
He wasn't.
I wasn't surprised

I know this is so Daphne!
I have dismembered other things in my life before: Peruvian cloth dolls to really see the ancient cloths used, scrap sari-cloth pillows, and so on.

That's it for now.
Aloha from chic Honolulu!

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