Friday, February 3, 2012

Aloha Shirt Feast

Last night I discovered an Aloha Shirt Shop & Museum down in Wilea.

At the earliest opportunity I went back today to REALLY check it out!

What a feast!

I took a lot of photos going back to the 1940's for $400 - $1200!!
But there were inexpensive reproductions too.

I bought modestly, but photographed extravagantly.


I'm going to give you the best of my feast. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, for kitch, good taste, bad taste, the lot!
Sorry, I might, in your view, be going overboard. But I have my enthusiasms!!

This is the cup flower. So extra-ordinary a plant.

Hawaiian historic portraits.

Batiq influence

Japanese influence. Spot the incense burner?

Again, Asian.

and again

I particularly love this one.

The photographic postcard look was big.

I want this one for George. The planes!

This is one of my favorites. Bamboo, monsteria leaf, etc.

Very Japanese/Indonesian batik look.

Ukeleles & leis.

another ukelele - - pronounced oo-ke-le-le & means, in Hawaiin  it means "jumping fleas"!!!

Don't miss the tiger. I wish I had taken the back shot of this one. Also notice the collar. So special!!

I tried this one on. Didn't fit & was probably $300.

This one struck me funny with the bizarre rainbow.

SO florid!! But before you completely dismiss it as ridiculous see if you can find the hula dancers, the jumping fish, the map of the Hawaiian Islands, the coconut palms, pineapples, outrigger boats, hibiscus flowers... I mean, this shirt has everything!!

That's it for today. Carried away with/by Aloha Shirts!!


  1. I only love about a quarter of them (and those I love a lot!), but it I love the range itself too.

    1. I don't love them all either, but I do love the development and variation on the idea.