Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dyeing with Sea Water

I've always wanted to try this. The kind of dyes I use (procion dyes) require salt & soda ash. Having thought for several years that I might try dyeing here I finally brought my dye powders and some soda ash. 
Over the past two days I made 3 batches. The dye jobs were uneven because I chose to fold the fabric before putting it into plastic baggies. So of course I got fold effects-- some parts lighter some parts darker according to where the cloth was in the folds.

The first batch were shades of a yellow/green I like.

The colors were true. So sea water worked!

The next day I did a red & a blue.

Today I think I can squeeze in one more batch before going to see The Artist. I haven't decided on the colors yet.

I look forward to working with these new ones. So far they look inviting together.

I forgot to add that collecting sea water was a funny adventure in itself. First, I am fishing large plastic containers out of the recycling bin at the condo. Then I find that open-necked bottles allow for quick-filling in the surf. Pop bottles got modified. I seem not to want to get knocked over when I'm doing this. Then there are the looks I imagine I am getting when I am doing the fishing & the filling. It is all, I think, so Daphne!

Finally, a detail of the new finished by-hand quilt.

That's it for now.