Thursday, January 12, 2012


Tonight George & I had supper down at the BBQ. It was a beautiful balmy night & we were almost the only ones down there. Sublime sunset brewing.

George cooked a steak, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms whole, & corn with husks.

And while he was doing that I went down to the water's edge & shot pictures.

Oh my! Copper kept on coming to mind.

This was my starting point.

It never used to be that the camera would take such fast pictures that you could freeze the look of water. I love this!! No blurry waterfalls any more!

I can't say enough about how fun this was. Pure loveliness. George said I looked happy when we sat down to eat. Hardly anything beats beauty & a good meal with good company!

Tomorrow I have laser treatment for my torn retina. I will try to remember THIS when I am struggling with THAT.

That's it for now.

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