Sunday, January 15, 2012

After Laser treatment

Two days ago I had my laser treatment. My retinal tear is all stitched down with laser-dot- scar-tissue. The dots are white now, but will gradually turn black.

The process is a strange combination of high tech & surrealism, helping a patient by, in a way, assaulting them. Assault with the patient's co-operation! Like mammograms, dental work & cervical checks.

I am so glad it's behind me. Tomorrow I call the Aloha Eye Clinic to find out what else besides reading & big exercising they don't want me to do. What CAN I do [aside from TV]?

Meanwhile I am totally taking stock of how important my seeing is to me.  I've been taking pictures like crazy.

Today we have a strong Kona Wind, blowing in the opposite direction from our normal trade winds. 2-3 feet of beach sand has gone into sea & will gradually be brought back by wave action & tides.

Down the beach from us there are some wonderful small sand dunes dancing in this wind.

Oh, the magic of natural sculpture. Rapture!

Then there is the foam-in-the-sunlight on our morning walks. I love this froth. Latte-of-the-sea, don't you think?

Finally, I got some really nice pictures of Ellie, Gene's wife. She forgets how beautiful she is, but as elders go she's right up there!! Here's one.

She & I have conversations about wrinkles & about not knowing ourselves in the mirror. I love her wrinkles!
Well, & I'm not as partial to my own.

That's it for today.

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