Tuesday, January 17, 2012

4 Days of Kona Wind

 It's strange how exhausting the incessant wind is. I can't quite figure it out: is it the roar of the waves, difficulties with doors, and salt spray everywhere?

But it's exciting too. Some thing new is happening.
The last Kona storm last year I took this picture.
You see that barge out there?

Well, this morning it broke loose & came ashore.

I got an excited call from a neighbor. George & I went down to look.

Lots of talk on the beach about this event. I noticed a Coast Guard there & asked him about it. This flat-bottomed boat is meant to go ashore on beaches. It will be towed off sooner or later. No damage probably.

There were other things to notice too: the beach erosion, flotsam, and a blowfish.

George gives a measure of how much sand has been washed away-- 4 feet's worth -- at that part of the beach. (He quipped about only being good for being a measuring stick!)


Beaches are about impermanence, for sure. That's part of their charm. Well, & also there we get glimpses of eons & as close as we can get to infinities.

That's it for today.

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  1. Please tell George he makes a great looking measuring stick. Plus, he's useful a whole foot beyond me!